“Liquid Electrolysis” depilatory (WARNING!)

Liquid Electrolysis

Liquid Electrolysis the name used by Global Electrolysis Supply for a topical depilatory liquid that is similar in concept to Epil-Stop and other caustic liquids.

As with all other products sold by Global Electrolysis Supply, Liquid Electrolysis should be avoided by consumers.

Available products

Liquid Electrolysis ($400.00 for 384 dram)

This is one of Global Electrolysis Supply’s earliest products. This "medical breakthrough" can’t be that effective, or they wouldn’t have had to move into selling other methods.

The active ingredient is a common depilatory that dissolves hair above the skin’s surface. There is no published clinical data showing this depilatory has any long-term effect on hair growth.

Quack claims


"endorsed by electrologists"

can "produce results as well as regular electrolysis by itself"

Potentially dangerous

Products like this are highly caustic and have caused severe chemical burns in many consumers.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration lists consumers who received facial injuries using "Liquid Electrolysis."

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2000 Annual Report of complaints (file 08437 06-JAN-2000)