Kats Management (WARNING!)

Kats Management

Kats Management is a chiropractic consulting firm based in Lincoln, Nebraska.

A company called International Hair Removal Systems (IHRS) had listed Kats Management as a distributor on IHRS websites and printed materials promoting their Super Phaser Gold "transcutaneous electrolysis" device.

Treatment with the Super Phaser Gold or other IHRS devices should be avoided by all consumers. There is no published data showing it can remove hair permanently.

Reputable companies usually do not associate themselves with these devices.

Contact information:

Address: 7120 South 29th Street, Lincoln, NE 68516
Phone: (800) 843-9162
Fax: (402) 420-2029
email: info@katsmanagement.com
website: http://www.katsmanagement.com/
Contact: "Marcy" (owners listed as David J. Kats/Keith Maule)
Contact: Pamela Garivay pamelagarivay@alltel.net

On 8 November 2001, I received the following letter from Pamela Garivay, Executive Assistant at Kats Management:

I am writing this letter to inform you of our request to have our name taken off of your website. Specifically we wish you to remove this link https://www.hairfacts.com/makers/etweezer/ihrs/kats.html, and the comment on this page, https://www.hairfacts.com/makers/etweezer/ihrsinc.html, that "consumers should avoid these businesses."

There is no reason why consumers should avoid our business. We are a highly reputable chiropractic consulting firm, not a chiropractic supply company. We do not appreciate the fact that when our prospective clients do an Internet search the third option they will get is "HAIRFACTS (WARNING!!)"

In the past we have sold the IHRS units to our clients, we have not purchased any new units recently. Perhaps your site can educate us about better methods and units that our clients can use in their clinics.

Please remove our name from your website and all references to us. If you have any questions please feel free to reply to this e-mail. We will hope that you handle this matter professionally, appropriately, and quickly. We do not want to have to refer to legal counsel.

Below is part of my reply:

Thank you for your letter. I have added it to my site. Because you were selling a hair removal device promoted illegally as permanent, I will be leaving my warning in place. You have a responsibility to consumers to ensure products you sell are making legal claims. You failed to do this, and I feel consumers need to be warned about companies that do not take steps to protect their clients from purchasing products promoted illegally.