Lasertrolysis/LightSpeed Training

Lasertrolysis of Naples

Florida-based Lasertrolysis of Naples owns a promotional site for their LightSpeed hair removal centers and the Laser Training facility. Their site offers:

  • Laser and electrolysis hair removal treatments at their salon
  • Courses in laser hair removal for practitioners
  • Laser hair removal at affiliate offices (To be a LightSpeed affiliate you either have to take their course or pay to be listed on their directory)

Corporate Office


  • Alison Sahoo (who calls herself the “Laser Lady”)
  • Wally Roberts
  • Darcy Thorp
  • Annette

Site analysis

The most misleading section of their website is their “Laser Library.”

This section says it contains “medical papers” about laser hair removal, but most of the information presented is not published clinical data. In fact, much of the information is supplied by Alison Sahoo’s former employer Palomar or people associated with the company.