Littler, 1999 (Nd:YAG hair removal overview)

Littler, 1999

Title: Hair removal using an Nd:YAG laser system.

Author: Littler CM



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BACKGROUND: This comprehensive overview discusses the history, function, and rationale for using Nd:YAG lasers, followed by epidemiology and hair anatomy data. Little then discusses theoretical considerations and requirements for laser hair removal, such as chromophore, wavelength, pulse duration, beam size, and repetition rate. He then reviews all clinical data up to that publication date, including photographic and histological samples. Finally, Littler describes practical aspects of Nd:YAG use, with pre- and post-treatment guidelines. An outstanding article, and a must-read for anyone considering Nd:YAG hair removal. I think it should stand as a model for all other laser literature reviews, because of Littler’s thoroughness and organization.