Electrolyse Automatique (WARNING!)

This disreputable company is a spinoff of Global Electrolysis Supply, a company which markets extensively on the web and through a mail-order catalog.

Electrolyse Automatique and Global Electrolysis Supply should be avoided by all consumers.

2002 update: Due to the high number of reports from angry Global customers, I have been getting lots of new information. I’ve expanded this section to over a dozen pages. Just click on a link below for more information.

Website: http://www.centre-biotechnique-avance.com

PayPal account is support@global-electrolysis-supply.com

This is a slight modification of the AAVEXX 300 and Micro 1000 units they have sold for years. It’s hundreds more than the V2R-G device they were pushing in 2002.

Save your money and buy a One Touch or get real pro-grade equipment like the Uniprobe. For details, including tips on buying inexpensive used epilators, see my purchasing information page.

Various company names

To keep a step ahead of unhappy consumers and bad publicity, Global Electrolysis Supply has changed names many names in recent years:

Global Electrolysis Supply
Allied Distributors*
Allied Electrolysis Supply*
AAVEXX Electrolysis*

* no longer doing business under these names

Bogus “offices”

Despite the doctored photo of the Electrolyse Automatique bogus “offices” on their company info page, the addresses they had listed are really just a series of phone numbers and postal drop boxes all over North America and Europe.

“USA Office” was listed as 3167 San Mateo NE #127, Albuquerque, NM 87110-1921.
This address is actually
Mail Boxes Etc. Store #2210:

“Canadian Office” was listed as 8623 Granville St. #843 Vancouver, B.C. V6P 5A1 Canada.
This address is actually
Mail Boxes Etc. Store #CAN146.

“Overseas Office” was listed as (814) 452-8953. This is actually a Pennsylvania phone number.

2002 mail drop box: The Post House, Barracloughs Lane, North Lincolnshire,  DN18 5BA UK
(includes the northern Ohio phone number listed below.)

Telephone numbers

Current numbers:

(888) 281-7740 (from their catalog and websites)
(888) 281-7739 (from their catalog and websites)
(800) 325-8656 (from their catalog and websites)

(419) 710-4577 (this Fax is a northern Ohio phone number used in 2001 and 2002)
(814) 452-8953 (this “Overseas Office” is a Pennsylvania phone number in use in 2001)
(413) 521-3361 (this Fax is a Massachusetts phone number used in 2001 and 2002)

Former numbers:

(505) 343-1114 (this is a New Mexico number used in 2001)
(800) 298-1237
(866) 838-2254
(800) 298-1237

Bank accounts

If you have paid by check or credit card, please send along any information about where the transaction was processed.

Wire transfer account (from 2001): 

WestStar Bank, 363 East Elkhorn Avenue, Estes Park, CO 80517  (970) 586-4412
Account name:  Global Electrolysis Supply
Account number:    7201059
Routing number:   102103119

(old wire transfer information from 2000)

WestStar Bank, 363 East Elkhorn Avenue, Estes Park, CO 80517 (970) 586-4412
Account name: Allied Electrolysis Supply
Account number: 165462
Routing number: 102103119

Names associated with this company

Chris Williams: (also known as “Chris Limon”): Listed as sales contact

“Gregg Manning”: (also known as “Greg Mannon”and “Greg Manning”): listed as website contact

“Deb Shatz”: Listed as President or Vice President

“Linda Amos”: Name used by administrator at call center

Global Electrolysis Supply sales sites

 liquidelectrolysis.com *
  swiftsite.com/liquidelectrolysis/wiretransfer.htm *

* no longer in operation (redirected to current site)

 website registration:

 global-electrolysis-supply.com is listed to:

“Gregg Manning” at “3167 San Mateo NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110-1921”
This address is Mail Boxes Etc. Store #2210.

 liquidelectrolysis.com is listed to:

“Greg Mannon” at “3301 Coors Rd NW #220 Albuquerque , NM 87120”
This address is  Mail Boxes Etc. Store # 751.

 hair-free-skin.com is listed to:

“Greg Manning” at “3167 San Mateo NE #127, Albuquerque, NM 87110-1921”
This address is  Mail Boxes Etc. Store #2210.

Questionable methods of hair removal sold (with brands)

Proprietary epilator brands

Type of product


“Transdermal Electrolysis”/Electric Tweezers (DC)


“Transdermal Electrolysis”/Electric Tweezers (DC)


“Transdermal Electrolysis”/Electric Tweezers (DC)


“Transdermal Electrolysis”/Electric Tweezers (DC)

Epitron PR35

Electric Tweezers (AC)

Epitron PR85

Electric Tweezers (AC)

Epitron PR65

Electric Tweezers (AC)

Epitron 85M

Electric Tweezers (AC)

Laser Perm 500

Photoepilator (Continuous Wave Laser)

Laser Perm 1000

Photoepilator (Continuous Wave Laser)

Micro 1000



Probe electrolysis


Probe electrolysis

Hammond and Weis “topical kits”
Liquid Electrolysis Depilatory
Psoret 600E “Anti-androgen”
Psoret 600F “Anti-androgen”


Overpriced Tend Skin knock-off


Overpriced Topical anesthetic knock-off

Carbon Dye

Overpriced SoftLight carbon lotion knock-off

Witch Hazel Overpriced gel

Probe Guide/Pore Mark

Overpriced Dermark knock-off