Laser and flash lamp models

Laser and flash lamp models

Below is a list of lasers on the market, in alphabetical order. Many laser models have similar names, so it’s very important to know the exact name of the type you are researching. Links following the brand names take you to medical data on that type of laser or to information on the manufacturer.

Brand Type Manufacturer
Apex 800 Diode IRIDEX
Apogee [6200 & 9300] Alexandrite Cynosure
Athos Nd:YAG Cosmos
Chromos 694 Ruby Mehl/Biophile
CoolGlide Nd:YAG Altus
DeLight Flash lamp Radiancy
Depilase Nd:YAG Depilase
Depilase Diode Depilase
D’Plume [1] Photoepilator Carol Block
E2000 Ruby Palomar
EpiLaser Ruby Palomar
EpiLight Flash lamp ESC [2]
EpiPulse Ruby ESC [2]
EpiStar Diode Nidek
EpiTouch Alex Alexandrite ESC [2]
EpiTouch Ruby Ruby ESC [2]
EsteLux Flash lamp Palomar
F1 Diode Opus Medical
GentleLASE Alexandrite Candela
IPL Quantum HR Flash lamp ESC [2]
LaseAway [3] Alexandrite Silver Creek Medical
LaseAway [3] Ruby Polytec PI/Lambda
Lasetron Argon Lasetron
LightSheer [SC, EC, XC, SP & EP] Diode Coherent Star [2]
Lyra Nd:YAG Laserscope
Lorad Nd:YAG Focus Medical
MeDioStar Diode Asclepion-Meditec
MedLite Nd:YAG Contiuum
MLT R694 Ruby MLT Int’l.
MultiLight – PhotoDerm Flash lamp ESC [2]
PhotoDerm Flash lamp ESC [2]
PhotoEpilator Photoepilator Omicron
PhotoGenica LPIR Alexandrite Cynosure
RubyStar Ruby Asclepion-Meditec
SLP 1000 Diode Palomar
SmoothLASE Alexandrite Leisegang
SoftLight Nd:YAG ThermoLase
SpaTouch Flash lamp Radiancy
StarLight Diode Coherent Star [2]
ThermaLight [1] Photoepilator Jennifer Maxx
Varia Nd:YAG CoolTouch
VascuLight Plus – PhotoDerm Nd:YAG ESC [2]
VascuLight Plus – PhotoDerm Flash lamp ESC [2]
















































[1] These devices are actually laser-like photoepilators that treat a few hairs at a time. They have not proven their effectiveness with published clinical data.

[2] Lumenis (formerly ESC Medical Systems) has been consolidating aesthetic lasers formerly sold under by companies Star Medical, Coherent, Sharplan

[3] The two models called LaseAway are actually different types of lasers made by different companies. The Polytec PI laser is no longer manufactured.