Electric tweezer manufacturers

Some of the companies below are no longer in making electric tweezer equipment, but since their working machines are still out there, I’ve listed them. Do not purchase these devices or “professional” treatments with them.

 Epco Hair Removal

Permatron Electrolysis Machine

 Epilator Corporation

Kenatron Epilator

 Electronic Depilatory

Electronic Depilatory Model 101
Electronic Depilatory Model 202
Electronic Depilatory Model 303

 Dura Corporation

Depilatory, Electronic

 Mehl, Thomas L.

Epilation Type Device

 Martin Electric


 [Hill, Farrer & Borrill]

DPA 207 Personal

 Electro-Kinetic Eng/Mfg

Depilator, Derma-I
Depilator, Derma-II

 Nemectron Medical


 Lois Yee Cosmetics

Epilator 8500

 American Hair Removal System

AHRS Epilator 629

 Stephens Manufacturing

Guaranty Hair Removal System (GHR)
GHR Personal

Global Tronics International

Hair Tronics Model HT8000

 Burke Neutech


 The Helene Edgar Corporation

Commander Mark II System

 Universal Hair Removal System

Epi 2

 IGIA Direct

IGIA System
Touch n’ Go

 Mehl/Group Marketing

Finally Free

 Global TV Concepts

Sonique Hair Remover Feminique Sonic Hair Remover


Emjoi Beauty [?]

 Wellquest International

Dapelle Hair Remover