Huda, 1994 (x-ray induced epilation)

Huda, 1994

Title: Radiation-induced temporary epilation after a neuroradiologically guided embolization procedure.

Authors: Huda W, Peters KR

Journal: Radiology 1994 Dec;193(3):642-4

Affiliated institution: Department of Radiology, College of Medicine, University of Florida, Gainesville 32610-0374.

PMID: 7972801, UI: 95063028

A 34-year-old woman underwent embolization of a left paraorbital arteriovenous malformation guided with a bi-plane x-ray system in two sessions separated by 3 days. Imaging included 110 minutes of fluoroscopy and 46 digital subtraction angiography acquisitions. Entrance skin dose rates were determined with measurements performed on a skull phantom. The maximum possible skin dose was estimated to be 6.6 Gy, which is consistent with the temporary epilation in the right occipital region of the skull reported by the patient approximately 5 weeks later.