Sofblend (Tapeography, Ltd.)

Sofblend (Tapeography, Ltd.)

Toronto-based Sofblend originated in 1998 as a division of Tapeography, an electronics company that was founded in 1987.

The Sofblend T-80 needle epilator is available for use in the US.

On January 16, 1996, the FDA reclassified needle epilators, so devices like the T-80 are allowed to be marketed in the US without submitting a 510(k).

The FDA offers voluntary registration of new epilators, and the Sofblend T-80 is registered under file B039421.

It may be used for permanent hair removal by electrologists in any licensed or unlicensed state.

(I apologize for a previous statement on this page that may have suggested that the Sofblend T-80 has not been cleared by the FDA.)

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Available devices

Epilator name G B T FT MNG
Sofblend T-80 X X X X  

Key to features:

  • G = Galvanic
  • B = Blend
  • T = Thermolysis
  • FT = Flash Thermolysis
  • MNG = Multiple-Needle Galvanic


The Sofblend epilator uses either regular or Uni-Probe needles.

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