Gemini Body Works (WARNING!)

Gemini Body Works

Below is the original information I put up about Michael T. Ricks, Sr. in 2002. I reported Gemini Body Works to the Colorado Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, and the FDA. Rejuvenu listed him as a "medical consultant" on their site.

In 2004, Ricks was arrested on 31 counts of criminal impersonation and sexual assault. Had the Colorado Attorney General stepped in to shut him down, these assaults on his clients may have been averted.

[Original 2002 information]

Gemini Body Works is a salon based in Aurora, Colorado. The owner, Michael T. Ricks, Sr., sells treatments with the Super-Phaser Gold, a transcutaneous patch hair removal system made by Rejuvenu International Limited (formerly International Hair Removal Systems).

Michael T. Ricks, Sr. claims this treatment can achieve permanent hair removal. He probably also sells the devices to unsuspecting people as a home business opportunity.

Gemini Body Works and treatment with the Super-Phaser Gold should be avoided by all consumers. There is no published data showing these devices can remove hair permanently.

Claiming that this device can achieve permanent hair removal is a violation of federal regulations.

I have also added two pages on Michael T. Ricks, Sr. and his personal attacks against me.

Contact information:

Address: 11275 E. Mississippi Ave., Suite 1-E-1, Aurora Colorado (Mississippi Office Building)
Address: P. O. Box 440371 Aurora, CO 80044
Address: P. O. Box 440311 Aurora, CO 80044
Phone: 720-857-8288
Phone: 303-751-6456 (Gemini Marketing Enterprises)
Fax: 303-337-0721

Names associated with this company

Michael T. Ricks, Sr.

Jerry and Sandra Jacob, (720) 857-8288, 2075 Potomac St, Aurora, CO 80011 (Denver Meadows RV Park)

Brian Johnson, (303) 337-0721, 15462 E Evans Ave, Aurora, CO 80013

Barb Goettsch Business Technology Support, Inc. (website administrators)

Greg Goettsch Business Technology Support, Inc. (website administrators)

Business Technology Support, Inc., 704 Colorado Boulevard Dacono, CO  80514-9352
Phone: 303-833-2819 Fax 303-833-0672 Toll Free 1-888-284-8529
email: or

I received the following note on March 11, 2007: "Please remove any negative information about TeamBTS and or Business Technology Support from your web site.  The issues you had with one of our clients were deleted some years ago when he was arrested and put into jail.  We had nothing to do with his business then and do not now."

Other names used by this company

Gemini Body Works, LLC

Gemini Medical Services

Gemini Electrolysis

Gemini Marketing Enterprises, Denver, CO 80202

Quack claims

"You don’t have to be a rocket scintest [sic] to know Andrea is one of a kind scam artist."

"I am very please [sic] with the results I have received on my minority patients and myself. Prior to the Super Phaser Gold, African Americans did not have a permanent hair removal system that was available to us that has been proven to be effective."

"I asked Dr. Chandler about the IGIA product. He stated that he never gave permission to IGIA to use his likeness or article and that he had to write a stern cease and desist to stop them."

Hmm. Perhaps he can explain why Chandler’s still on IGIA’s site.

"The gel is absorbed by the hair, not the follicle. A "wicking" action takes place and carries the current just below the skin surface. When the currrent [sic] reaches this area, it follows the path of least resistance (following the most moisture), which is the inside of the hair follicle."

A common unsubstantiated claim by these quacks, refuted in published scientific data (see Feughelman, 1982).


Here is a textbook case of someone who lacks the education and intelligence to see he’s been played by a couple of quacks. Ricks states he’s a "non-practicing psychologist" who is "certified in Permanent "No Needle" Hair Removal." He has put up a site to counter information on hairfacts because he says factual information I’ve published "has negatively affected my business." Talk about killing the messenger!

Michael T. Ricks, Sr. conveniently repeats misinformation he’s been told by Rejuvenu and ignores the obvious fact that this company has sold him a device that makes claims that are in direct violation of federal regulations. Below are links to the documents:

FDA’s second letter instructing Cole the Super-Phaser Gold "has not been cleared by FDA for any indication."
Lee Cole’s response, rejected by FDA (see below)
FDA’s rejection of Cole’s response

Here the worst part to me– he’s targeting consumers with special hair removal needs, who are often poor, desperate, and willing to try anything. He likes to target "pre/post transsexuals" and "especially African Americans."

Michael T. Ricks, Sr. and his accomplices sell false hope to those who can least afford to lose money on unproven products. If you have been a victim of Michael T. Ricks, Sr., please contact me, and I will send instructions on how to sue him in small claims court, as well as how to report him to the Colorado Attorney General and federal authorities. It will be my pleasure to help you put him out of business.