Permanent hair removal methods

Permanent hair removal: methods and effectiveness

“Permanent” Methods

If you’re seeking > permanent hair removal, you have several imperfect options. A number of methods have been developed that use chemicals, energy of varying types, or a combination to target the areas that regulate hair growth. Permanently destroying these areas while sparing surrounding tissue is a difficult challenge. I recommend relying on a body of published, peer-reviewed scientific evidence to ensure the effectiveness of a method.

Permanent hair removal for most (only if done correctly)

> Electrolysis

Permanent hair reduction for some (primarily consumers with dark hair)

> Laser

> Flashlamp

Lasting hair inhibition for many (requires continuous use)

> Prescription oral medications

> Prescription topical preparation (Vaniqa)

Restricted methods

> X-ray (banned in the United States)

> Photodynamic therapy (experimental)

Doubtful methods

> Electric tweezers

> “Transdermal electrolysis”

> “Transcutaneous hair removal”

> Photoepilators

> Microwaves

> Dietary supplements

> Nonprescription topical preparations (“hair inhibitors”)

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