V2R/V2R-G probe electrolysis (WARNING!)

V2R blend-tone and V2R-G galvanic

The V2R and V2R-G are needle epilators sold by Global Electrolysis Supply, a disreputable company selling hair removal products on the net and through catalogs.

As with all Global Electrolysis Supply products, the V2R blend-tone and V2R-galvanic devices should be avoided by all consumers.

Available devices:

V2R blend-tone

Please note that there appears to be no difference between the two devices, except one is much more expensive. See photos below.

Not professional grade equipment

As with several of their other devices, Global pitches this product as a home business opportunity. They use terms that address readers as "the technician" and use terms like“patient comfort”or“fewer patient ‘dropouts’ and greater profits.”

Real professional-grade electrolysis equipment is designed and manufactured by professional engineers with high-quality materials.

In addition, it is illegal for unlicensed practitioners to perform professional electrolysis in many states. That’s because electrolysis is highly dependent on operator skill. Improperly performed electrolysis can damage skin or spread infection.

This device should not be used for professional treatment.

Safety concerns

This device has not been UL-tested. Global Electrolysis Supply is very disreputable and their products are of low quality, according to consumers who have purchased from them. Because these devices plug into a wall socket, it’s important to use high-quality materials to protect users against electrical shock and power surges.

Because of this danger, I recommend using a battery-powered unit such as the One Touch or a better quality device made by an established manufacturer if you want a unit that uses household current.

Questionable choice for home use

The fact that they sell a probe epilator is contradictory to their Aavexx claims that it is "completely unnecessary to insert a needle to produce caustic levels of sodium hydroxide inside the follicle pore."

From a consumer complaint site that discusses past dealings with this company:

Not only do they provide bad customer service, but their products don’t work. The product they sold to me looks like someone just stuck a label printed by computer just to give it a name. The product stopped working after 2 weeks of use. I have tried calling them, but staff doesn’t answer my questions. I asked them for a mailing address…staff’s reply was "I was’t given that information."
— Lourdes Banuelos, CA

This comment is backed up by the pictures below, where’s it’s clearly the same model with a different sticker.

Consumers considering purchasing an electrolysis device for home use should see my home electrolysis page and section on purchasing home-use electrolysis devices.

Can you spot the "difference"?

Below are photos of the V2R (top) and V2R-G (bottom).

Global claims the “galvanic-only” version is“the same Variable Valence Reduction (V2R) system minus the rF blend.”

Actually, the only "difference" is the labeling of the red ON/OFF switch as "Full-Auto Blend-Tone." Oh, and the $100 price increase.

They also pull this scam with their Laser Perm device.

This is why I urge all consumers to avoid all products by this disreputable company.