Rotary epilator hair removal devices

Basic facts

Description: These devices are similar to electric razors, except instead of a cutting plade on a rotary head, they have rows of tweezers which can pull hairs out by the root.

Advantages: Good for legs and arms. Can last from several days to several weeks.


  • Can be hard to use on backs of legs.
  • Skin must be pulled tight to avoid pinching
  • Some find it uncomfortable, especially on sensitive areas
  • Harder to use on fine hairs
  • Hair must be grown long enough for tweezers to grasp
  • Plucking hairs can lead to irritated skin and ingrown hairs.


$40.00 to $120.00

Purchasing options

Silk-epil models by Braun

Satinelle models by Norelco

Lady Care by Grundig

Discrette Plus and Ladybikini by Epilady