Gior, 1972 (unpublished)

Gior, 1972

In 1971, Fino Gior, then president of the International Guild of Professional Electrologists, purchased an Omicron PhotoEpilator for evaluation.

Gior treated 49 areas in an uncontrolled study:

20 upper lips
15 chins
11 sets of eyebrows
3 male backs

All areas received three hours of treatment. After six months of observation, Gior concluded, "The results in all cases except the eyebrows was 100% regrowth. The eyebrows showed a very small improvement in 5 cases in which the women were over 50 years of age. I concluded this apparent permanent removal was simply due to mechanical tweezing, which at times can withdraw the dermal papillae."

"My conclusions were later confirmed by all electrologists using the apparatus in the state of California."

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Source: IGPE report, August 6, 1982