Perma Tech/Hair for Life/Joe Aguiar (WARNING!)

Perma Tech Hair Removal/Hair for Life

Joe Aguiar has been a practitioner of "transcutaneous" hair removal in New Brunswick, NJ. He was also listed as a distributor of the "transcutaneous electrolysis" device made by International Hair Removal Systems (IHRS).

Perma Tech/Hair for Life should be avoided for hair removal. They have sold an unproven "transcutaneous" method.

Treatment with the AHRS or IHRS devices such as SuperPhaser Gold should be avoided by all consumers. There is no published data showing it can remove hair permanently.

Reputable people usually do not associate themselves with these devices.

2008 update

I received the following note on 5 April 2008 from a reader who identified himself as Jerry Aguiar, son of Joe and Doreen Aguiar.

Recently my parents have filed for a divorce and haven’t been in business together for over fifteen years, Permatech is owned and operated by Doreen Aguiar. My Mothers company is a very Upstanding one with many long and beautiful relationships with her clients who are also friends. Recently I’ve been helping her build her new website and marketing programs online. I’ve read through the hair facts website and feel it’s a little unfair to take a shot at someone who means so well and has helped many people with problems ranging from scar removal to skin care treatments and hair removal. My mother’s company Permatech has no affiliation with Joseph Aguiar besides the fact that he is her ex-husband. He used to own the company Hair For Life Group but is no longer in business , I have to stress again Permatech has no affiliation with Joseph Aguiar. If you would be so kind to take off the name Permatech and Doreen Aguiar from your website it would be much appreciated. I personally think hair facts is a great site that has helped many people find the right and wrong places to go. I really thank you for taking the time to read through this email and hope the best for your websites and production company.

Contact information:

Address: 73 Main Street Woodbridge, NJ   07095
Address: 529 Milltown Rd. Brunswick, NJ
Address: 94 North Kings Highway Cherry Hill , NJ  
Address: 900 Woodbridge Center Drive Woodbridge, NJ 07095
Phone: (877) 866-4247 or (732) 855-2206 (732) 855-1404
Fax: (732) 545-3425 or (732) 855-2903
email: (AOL profile says "Ethan")
email: (joseph aguiar )

Names associated with this company:

Joe Aguiar
Joseph Aguiar
Doreen Aguiar

Other names formerly associated with this business

Hair for Life
Perma Tech Hair Removal Institute

Quotations from promotional material

There are a lot of quacks involved with electric tweezers and no-needle electrolysis, but Joe Aguiar is right up there with Charles Atallah and Judith Stephens as one of the biggest quacks in the industry. Below are some quotations from Aguiar’s promotional material, some of which is laughable, and some of which is illegal.


For more information look us up on the internet:

"Perma Tech Hair Removal Institute has discovered a new method of hair removal – really the newest method in the last 100 years – that removes hair permanently without needles. Of course, there’s no scarring or painful tweezers. The hair removal process begins by placing a probe into an ionized gel to kill the hair folical. This is the most advanced permanent hair removal system without the use of needles. There’s no swelling, bruising, or scarring and no risk of infections. You can even apply make up right after the treatment. We treat hair below and above the skin.


International Organization of Non-Invasive Electrology
North Carolina Non Invasive Electrolysis
A Allied Health Assoc.

The BEST Answer For Permanent Hair Removal

"F.D.A. Clearance"

Choose the method that is best for you! Only at Perma Tech Hair Removal Institute can you choose the system that suites your individualized hair type!!  Our centers offer the most up-to-date — state-of-the-art hair removal systems, light years ahead of the other hair removal methods, and has been thoroughly tested for safety and effectiveness. From Transdermal to New Microwave System, we have the methods that will suit your individualized biochemistry. Your financial situation has been taken into consideration and we have the procedure you can afford! You can get the confidence, that only you can have, knowing that you look your very best. No more worrying about rough or textured skin. There will be no more stubble showing again. We have the ultimate breakthrough, in 100 years, in permanent hair removal. The new Transdermal and Microwave systems are light years ahead of laser, needle and other hair removal methods that can be painful, as well as, detrimental to your skin. The Transdermal and Microwave methods will remove hair faster, safely, and without needles. No more pain or possible scarring and skin discoloration. These are the state-of-the-art hair removal systems for the new Millennium. Call for a Free Video and additional information or consultation .

Perma Tech is the most advanced company in hair removal techniques. By choosing Perma Tech, you demonstrate a desire to assure that your hair removal needs are met with the most advance technology available today. Along with this technology is our pledge to provide you with the individualized attention your require. Friendship might seem an overstatement but it is the tradition of Perma Tech to treat clients with respect, privacy and personalized service. Our professional staff is dependable and highly skilled in both the Perma Tech Method as well as associated anti ageing skin care services. Call for more information about our new non-surgical face resurfacing.

Choose Perma Tech . . . we care about you!

Transdermal Electrolysis System

Instead of inserting a needle or holding a tweezer, Transdermal Electrolysis involves placing a probe or a series of 1"x2-3/4" Transdermal conductors onto our ionized gel to transmit a galvanic current through the skin to the hair follicles. This current creates a chemical reaction changing the water and salt present in the hair follicle to sodium hydroxide. As in the case of traditional needle electrolysis, the sodium hydroxide destroys the germinative cells, thus achieving permanent hair removal. Transdermal is a safer and more effective way to remove hair from any part of the body. Thousands of hair permanently removed in one visit.

Because of these factors, permanent hair removal takes time to accomplish. Our systems accomplish this faster than any system that is available in the world today. Not even your doctor can predict how long the process will take.

Perma Tech Q & A

What is the Perma Tech System?

The Perma Tech System is a modern method of hair removal without the use of needles. It is a permanent, non-invasive type of electrolysis. Founded on the principle that hair can be removed

Who is a good candidate for the Perma Tech System?

Anyone desiring to remove unwanted hair is a candidate for this system. This includes men, women and children of any age or race.

How does the Perma Tech System work?

Energy is passed down the hair to the follicle which has been primed with a conductor gel. The water and salt in the follicle is changed to sodium hydroxide which destroys the root and papilla which nourishes the hair.

How long will this process take to achieve optimal results?

Since we are unable to see beneath the skin, there is no way to give an accuarte answer to this question. However, the Perma Tech System is the fastest, safest method of permanent hair removal on the market today.

What is the difference between the Perma Tech System and Traditional Needle Electrolysis?

Both systems kill hair permanently but the difference is Perma Tech remover is painless and non-invasive (does not pierce the skin). Needle electrolysis is painful and may cause scarring, pits or burns. Also, the possibility of dragging bacterial into the follicle with the needle insertion of the needle is eliminated with Perma Tech.

What is the affect of the treatment on the appearance of the skin?

The skin will have a mild pink appearance during the treatment which will dissappear within a short time, usually 30 minutes or less. After we cleanse the treated area, the client may put on makeup and go home. That’s all there is to it, no pain, no scarring, no infection, no scabs and NO HAIR!

Once removed, can a hair grow back?

NO! When a hair follicle has been treated in the Anagen stage, it will NOT reproduce another hair. The technique is PERMANENT since individual hair follicles are destroyed. Remember any stimulus that caused the overgrowth of hair to start with is not eliminated by hair removal treatments of any kind including the needle. If the hair being treated is dry, weak or breaks off below the skin, or is in the process of shedding, it may slide out before the hair follicle is thoroughly decomposed. In such a case, there will be ”regrowth” which will be finer, lighter or less noticeable in appearance. This is partially destroyed regrowth.

What causes excess hair growth?

It can be atrtributed to a number of factors such as hormonal changes, stress, some medication and puberty. Pregnancy and menopause also play an important part.

How often wil I have to come for treatments?

Maximum results are achieved when the hair first appears above the skin line. Therefore, appointments MUST be scheduled on a weekly basis until the technician is unable to grasp a sufficient number of hairs.

Should I bleach or wax between treatments?

Bleaching hair does not interfere with Perma Tech treatments. Bleaching removes color and water inside the hair shaft itself but DOES NOT AFFECT THE HAIR FOLLICLES STRUCTURE AT ALL. Waxing is also permitted and does not effect the treatment process.

Can more than one hair be treated at a time?

Yes, we are able to treat an area about 12 inches in diameter. Hair does not have to be completely visible above the skin line to be treated successfully.

History of Electrolysis

In 1993, Transdermal Electrolysis was developed. This procedure performed by Perma Tech is the safest, fastest and most comfortable method of permanent hair removal. The method is based on a major breakthrough in non-invasive medical practices and protected under a US patent (#5026369). Microwave Hair Removal, state-of-the-art for the Millennium! Our center offers your choice of permenant hair remove systems. These are state-of-the-art for the year 2000. We are light years ahead of needles and Laser Electrolysis. Our combined Transdermal or Microwave programs have been thoroughly tested and cleared by the Federal Drug Administration for their safety and permanent hair removal effectiveness. You can now choose the system that is best for you.

Intra-sound Stimulator

Below is his resume, which reads like a textbook of quack credentials

"Joseph Aguiar, Ph.D., Trichologist (hair and scalp specialist), Legal Counselor

Dr. Aguiar comes from a family of hair care experts, dating back generations.


U.S. Navy Crash and Rescue Schools, 1955 (First Aid, etc.)
U.S. Naval Dental Hospital Corpsman School, 1956 (Assisting medical doctors and dentists)
U.S. Navy Venereal Disease Control School, 1957
State of New Jersey and Federal Government Disease Control Program, 1957
Kessler Institute Association under G.I. Bill as Orthopedic and Prosthetic Technician, 1956-1962
Ackers School of Trichology, 1961
Other Schools of Trichology (hair and scalp specialist), 1962
Directed a Clinic for 2 Years, Queens, NY
American Academy of Nutrition, 1973
Belmont School of Aesthetics, Dynes School of Aesthetics, Shin Problems, 1976-1978
Christopher School of Herbology, 1976
Dr. Seymore Yancy School of Iridology, 1978
Oriental Healing Arts Institute, 1980 (School of Oriental Herbology)
Emerson Herbal College, 1983 Master’s Degree Herbology
North American College of Nutrition, 1984
Powers School of Metabolic Typing, Nutritional Evaluation, and Therapy, 1984
American College of Nutrition, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Founder of:

Institute of Trichology
Health Science Institute
Hair Science Institute
Hair For Life Systems
Hair For Life Group

Author of:

“Hair Now Scientifically”
“Hair Now Touch of Nature”
“How to Reverse the Balding Problem”
“Hair Dr. Nature’s Way to Hair Growth”

Member of:

Teachers’ Educational Council
National Association of Kinesiology
Center for Integral Medicine
Aestheticians International Association
International Naturopathic Association
International Academy of Medical Preventics
American Association of Nutrition Dietary Consultants
International Association of Trichologists
Homeopathic Association
“Who’s Who” in the East, 1976 and 1982

Other questionable products

Aguiar also sells a hair restoration technique which is probably as legitimate as his hair removal technique.


900 Woodbridge Center Drive Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095 USA Tel: 908-603-9200