Frishberg, 1996 (scalp section lab method)

Frishberg, 1996

Title: Transverse scalp sections: a proposed method for laboratory processing.

Authors: Frishberg DP, Sperling LC, Guthrie VM

Journal: J Am Acad Dermatol 1996 Aug;35(2 Pt 1):220-2

PMID: 8708025, UI: 96319524

Affiliated institution: Anatomic Pathology Service, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC 20307, USA.

Cited in: Dierickx

BACKGROUND: Transverse sections of human scalp biopsy specimens can provide both qualitative and quantitative information about follicular histopathology not readily available in vertically sectioned specimens.

OBJECTIVE: We propose a method for making the processing and interpretation of such specimens easier.

METHODS: All scalp biopsy specimens obtained during the past 18 months in our institution for the evaluation of alopecia were processed for transverse sections by means of a technique employing trisection or quadrisection (rather than the standard bisection), and maintaining all sections in the same anatomic orientation (deep to superficial) in all tissue pieces on microscopic slides.

RESULTS: More than 120 transversely sectioned specimens from more than 75 patients have been processed with this technique. The typical number of slides cut per specimen decreased from between 12 and 20 to between 1 and 4, with no loss of clinical information.

CONCLUSION: This technique allows transverse sections for evaluation of alopecia to be processed in a more cost-effective manner and compares favorably with previously published techniques in providing diagnostic information.