Depilatron affidavits, 1975

Depilatron affidavits, 1975

In the 1970’s electric tweezer Depilatron settled numerous legal actions by state attorneys general and dissatisfied consumers, then quietly disappeared. As part of their attempts to fight these lawsuits, they solicited sworn affidavits from physicians expressing their opinion that Depilatron was permanent.

Harvey Glass reports on five biopsies taken 4 to 48 hours after Depilatron treatmen

Melvin Shiffman reports taking "numerous" 1-mm biopsies and preparing "numerous" slides

Walter Lever examined 7 slides of Harvey Glass’ biopsies

Kurt Stenn is mentioned in the Konnikov report and the Glass affidavit as having reviewed 12 slides, as well, but this unpublished report is not included in any public records found to date.

When time permits, I will scan these affidavits and make them available and check on the credentials of these physicians. Anyone wishing to receive a hard copy may contact me through my feedback page.