Ultra Hair Away (WARNING!)

Every category of hair removal scams has a worst offender, and Ultra Hair Away gets my vote in the category of topical hair removal preparations. Victoria Bodyworks markets Ultra Hair Away, a topical “hair inhibitor” with absolutely no published proof it can work as claimed. The promoter is a spammer, a scam artist and a pornographer.

Given that there is no published proof of this claim and given their disreputable business practices, I urge all consumers to avoid Ultra Hair Away until there is published clinical data to back their claims.

Archival contact information

Address: http://web.archive.org/web/*/bizwiz.com/cgi-bin/bizxsrch.pl?terms=AR0y/k6ZoZMwIARvHSqH39qEJM
Phone: [removed by request- contact me if you need these for legal reasons]
Email: 1228@SPRINT.CA (Geoff McKay)
Contact: Geoff MacKay (is usually listed)

The correct contact information for Ultra Hairaway customers is as follows:
General Customer Support: shavenomore@support.dmcontact.com
Shipping Support: shavenomore@shipping.dmcontact.com
Refunds: shavenomore@refunds.dmcontact.com
Spam Reporting: shavenomore@abuse.dmcontact.com
Call Center Support: 1-866-269-3487 (this is an order line but we receive many customer support calls to this phone number)

Names associated with this product

note: Geoff MacKay used names and contact info of family and friends before leaving the country for the Bahamas. I have removed names of those his brother Andrew says are not involved with this business. If you are in law enforcement, please contact me for this information.

“Geoff MacKay”

Information attributed to this name as of April 8, 2001:

Owner, Victoria Bodyworks
Owner, GM Entertainment Box 2114 Victoria BC V8L 3S6
Owner, PAV, Inc. Box 2114 Victoria BC V8L 3S6
Owner, WCE Productions
Owner, Magnetic Wellness Therapy, Inc. Box 2114 Victoria BC V8L 3S6
Owner, Hair Life Box 2114 Victoria BC V8L 3S6
Address: Box 2114 Victoria BC V8L 3S6
Phone: (250) 656-6326
Email: 1228@sprint.ca
Profile: Owner, Victoria Bodyworks

Pornographic business

Paramount XXX Adult Video(tm)
PAV Inc.
GM Ent.
WCE Productions Inc
Address: Box 2114 Sidney, BC V8L 3S6
Address: Box 2114 Sidney, BC V8L 3S6
Traci Jordan’s World Class Erotica
WCE Productions Inc – Copyright