GHR-sponsored site “Kitty’s Consumer Beware”

Note: Cathey Annette Baker, owner of a hair removal forum called Kitty’s Consumer Beware, died in 2009, and the forum went down soon after. I was a prominent critic of the forum for their promotion of doubtful hair removal products and services. The information below is an archive.

“Kitty’s Consumer Beware” is a thinly-veiled commercial site masquerading as an unbiased consumer site on hair removal.

GHR/Kaleidografix connection to this “consumer” site
Censorship at “Kitty’s Consumer Beware”

“Kitty” claims:

You can also warn other consumers about scams, rip-offs and just complain in general! Kitty invites all commercial/personal use hair removal product/equipment consumers, all product/equipment manufacturers, as well as all methodology practitioners, to participate. You are not only welcome, you are encouraged.

Up to a point, that is. Try mentioning data on on their message boards, and you’ll see. Because this site is critical of GHR and of those who promote it like Judith Stephens and “Katherine Cook” Despite their claims that their information is unbiased

I am happy to put a link to any hair removal site and analyze its claims. That’s because I’m not afraid I don’t pick and choose

Throughout, you’ll links to sites containing claims I believe are false.

Guaranty Hair Removal
4300 North Central Expressway # 109, Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 827-4471

Contact “Kitty”

(source: Cyber Xpress) lists “small and home-based businesses”

KaleidoGrafix Web Page Design & Hosting
Address: 2915 Nova Drive Garland, TX 75044 USA
Phone: 972-414-8562 Fax: 972-414-8562

KaleidoGrafix’ toll-free number is: 800-757-2098.

Address: P.O. Box 452033 Garland, TX 75045-2033

Designing and hosting unique and exciting web pages at a moderate price.

GHR and “Kitty’s Consumer Beware” have used the same toll-free phone line

The “Kitty’s Consumer Beware” site is owed and maintained by KaleidoGrafix, a Dallas-based web design and hosting company.

The “Kitty’s Consumer Beware” site is hosted by, a Dallas-based hosting company.

The Kaleidografix toll-free number is: 800-757-2098
The Webspinners toll-free number is: 800-757-2098
The GHR toll-free number used to be: 800-757-2098

What’s in a name?

Consumers have written to me suggesting that “Katherine Cook” and the nickname “Kitty” are assumed names being used by GHR salespeople on “Kitty’s Consumer Beware.” Given Judith Stephens’ use of assumed names, this suggestion is worth examining.

Names associated with the Consumer Beware include:

“Katherine Cook”
Cathey Baker
Judith Stephens

Are they three different people? Are they two different people? Are they all the same person?

Who is “Katherine Cook”?

One web directory has the following listings showing “Katherine Cook” with addresses on GHR sales sites as well as on “Kitty’s Consumer Beware.” This person also used to send mail from a email address.

Katherine Cook : Email: Tel: 800-757-2098 Fax: 800-757-20

Katherine Cook : Email: Tel: 888-214-5767 Fax: 888-214-57

Katherine Cook : Email: Tel: 888-214-5767 Fax: 888-214-5767

Katherine Cook : Email: Tel: 888-214-5767 Fax: 888-214-5767

Katherine Cook : Email: Tel: 888-214-5767 Fax: 888-214-5767

Katherine Cook : Email: Tel: 214-350-4471 Fax: 214-350-4471

Katherine Cook : Email:

“everywhere hair !” on states: “Information, Images & text furnished by: Katherine Cook of Kitty’s Consumer Beware