Strempel, 2000 (diode laser eyelash removal)

Strempel, 2000

Title: [Treatment of trichiasis with a diode laser]. [Article in German]

Authors: Strempel I, Strempel H, Lange P

Journal: Ophthalmologe 2000 Sep;97(9):633-4

PMID: 11147338

Affiliated institution: Universitats-Augenklinik Marburg.

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BACKGROUND: Various methods have been used in the treatment of trichiasis: epilation, excision, cryosurgery, thermocaustic needle, and argon laser. None of these is satisfactory. Based on the principle of selective photothermolysis for destroying specifically the hair follicle, we used a diode laser and evaluated its efficacy. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Nineteen eyes with 301 itching lashes were treated in three sessions at intervals of 1 week. In each session the single hair follicle received laser energy of 20 J/cm2 at a frequency of 806 nm for 15 ms. We used a bare fiber of 0.8 mm at a distance of 2 mm from the follicle. RESULTS: After 4 months two-thirds of the hairs were destroyed. The regrown lashes, however, are lighter and softer than the original ones. This treatment is less painful than all others. The laser is small, easy to use, and inexpensive. CONCLUSIONS: The diode laser is a useful tool for the treatment of trichiasis. The laser parameters, however, should be ameliorated.