Greppi, 2001 (diode laser on Black patients)

Greppi, 2001

Title: Diode laser hair removal of the black patient.

Authors: Greppi I

Journal: Lasers Surg Med 2001;28(2):150-155


Affiliated institution: Celebration Institute of Aesthetic Surgery, Richard O. Gregory MD, Director Celebration, Florida 34747.

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: The 810-nm wavelength diode laser can safely and successfully treat all skin types, including dark pigmented skin.

STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS: Eight Fitzpatrick level V-VI skin type patients, four of which presented with the diagnosis of pseudofolliculitis barbae, were treated with the diode laser for hair removal using low-energy settings and long pulse duration.

RESULTS: All eight patients had excellent results with unwanted hair greatly reduced, and pseudofolliculitis barbae resolved.

CONCLUSIONS: Diode lasers can be used on dark pigmented skin with positive outcomes. Complications such as hypopigmentation, or hyperpigmentation occurred, but all were transient and resolved within a few months.