Hammond and Weis topical kits (WARNING!)

Hammond and Weis

Hammond and Weis is the supposed manufacturer of a line of topical products sold by Global Electrolysis Supply.

As with all other products sold by Global Electrolysis Supply, Hammond and Weis products should be avoided by consumers.

Available products


Supposedly a topical anti-androgen

Liquid Electrolysis

A depilatory that supposedly can "produce results as well as regular electrolysis."


Their Mend Skin is twice as much as the reputable product made by Tend Skin.


An overpriced and unproven topical anesthetic. Click here for reputable products

Carbon Dye

Their carbon dye product which sells for $50.00 can be bought online for $19

Witch Hazel

Their witch hazel that sells for $50.00 for 100ml (3 ounces) can be bought online for about $8.00

Probe Guide/Pore Mark

An overpriced knock off of the reputable product Dermark

These products are expensive, often unproven, and sold by a disreputable company.

I recommend looking into the alternatives suggested on this page.