Richards, 1986 (electrolysis clinical data)

Richards, 1986

Title: Electroepilation (electrolysis) in hirsutism. 35,000 hours’ experience on the face and neck.

Authors: Richards RN, McKenzie MA, Meharg GE

Journal: J Am Acad Dermatol 1986 Oct; 15(4 Pt 1):693-7

PMID: 3771842, UI: 87034440

Affiliated institution: North York General Hospital, Sunnybrook Hospital, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Physicians frequently recommend electroepilation (electrolysis) in the management of hirsutism, but there have been no English language reports of its clinical effectiveness. We performed over 35,000 hours of electroepilation (electrolysis) on two hundred eighty-one women over a 4-year period. We used conventional, commercially available electroepilation (electrolysis) equipment that produced both thermolysis and blend type currents. We found that electroepilation (electrolysis) helps control hirsutism, and 93% of the patients improved. There was no scarring. For best results electroepilation (electrolysis) must be combined with treatment of excess androgens. Instructions about good grooming and stressing that shaving is not harmful will help to maximize improvement in appearance. Electroepilation (electrolysis) is expensive and not readily available to those lacking insurance or other funding.

This excellent paper was followed up in 1995 after a total of 140,000 hours of clinical observation

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