Nancarrow, 1999 (topical-ODC & hair growth)

Nancarrow, 1999

Title: Dynamic expression of ornithine decarboxylase in hair growth.

Authors: Nancarrow MJ, Nesci A, Hynd PI, Powell BC

Journal: Mech Dev 1999 Jun;84(1-2):161-4

PMID: 10473133, UI: 99400112

Affiliated institution: Department of Animal Science, University of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

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Ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) is the key enzyme in the synthesis of polyamines, small cationic molecules believed to have a role in many cellular processes such as cell migration, proliferation and differentiation. We show that ODC expression is associated with cell proliferation and commitment in hair follicle development and hair growth. In embryonic epidermis, ODC is expressed in ectodermal cells at sites where follicles develop, and persists in cells at the leading edge of the follicle placode. ODC is abundantly expressed in proliferating bulb cells of anagen follicles, except for a pocket of cells at the base of the bulb. Entry of the follicle into catagen is accompanied by a down-regulation of ODC expression, which is not resumed until a new follicle is initiated. In vibrissae, ODC expression is more complex. ODC is expressed not only in the bulb but also in the hair shaft, presenting a striking biphasic pattern. Additionally, ODC is expressed in a group of outer root sheath cells in the vicinity of the follicle bulge, the putative site of hair follicle stem cells.