Lapidus, 1976 (x-ray hair removal)

Lapidus, 1976

Title: The tricho system: hypertrichosis, radiation, and cancer.

Authors: Lapidus SM

Journal: J Surg Oncol 1976;8(3):267-74

PMID: 778495, UI: 76218640

Five women in their 6th to 8th decades were treated for facial hypertrichosis in Erie, Pennsylvania, 30 to 40 years ago. The epilations were performed with an X-ray device called "Tricho System," which was manufactured, sold, and proclaimed safe by its physician-inventor. The beauty shop operator who administered these treatments may or may not have received "instruction" by the company in the operation of the equipment. At varying intervals, each of the 5 women developed radiodermatitis and basal cell and/or squamous cell carcinoma at the sites of epilation. All presented to the plastic surgical service at the Hamot Medical Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. Two underwent massive radical resective surgery, 2 required extensive excision and resurfacing, and 1 refused resective surgery although she had had a previous surgical attempt 17 years earlier. Case histories are presented in detail. This series is representative of the epidemic nature of Tricho-System-induced disease.