Photolysis HR

Basic facts:

Photolysis HR is basically just a marketing term for a flash lamp hair removal procedure using multiple pulses. The treatments, sold at the California-based Institute of Laser Medicine (ILM) are certainly overhyped by the physician/salesman offering the treatments. Is it better than other flash lamps like EpiLight, or is it better than lasers as he claims? Let’s cut through the considerable amount of hype and take a look at the facts.

Update: On 6 December 2001, a lawyer for Photolysis HR sent me a letter threatening legal action. If I ever receive a reply to the questions in my response, I will make it available.

Corporate offices

Address: Institute of Laser Medicine 100 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suites 205-210, Los Angeles, California 90095
Phone: (310) 824-6191
website: (mirror site)
website: (“educational” site)

Address: 361 Hospital Road, Suite 428, Newport Beach, California 92663
Phone: (949) 574-8400

Institute Research Associates, A Medical Group, Inc..


Edward Lewis Tobinick, M.D.
Susan Davoodifar, M.D. (no longer associated) *

* I received the following note on 19 January 2006: “I am writing to request the removal of my wife’s name (Susan Davoodifar, MD) [from your site]. We believe that your website wrongfully involves her in your accusations as she was working at the ILM solely as an employee. She never had at any point any involvement in the business operations of the ILM other than treating patients, which she did with great professionalism, care and highest levels of ethics. At no time was she involved in any business decision or managerial activities, as well as advertising and marketing of the ILM. In addition, it is outdated information as she has not been working at the Institute of Laser Medicine for a considerable amount of time.”

Marketing terms:

Photolysis HR