Hair physiology medical data

Oliver (1966): The first in a series of articles observing regrowth of rat whisker follicles after surgically removing the dermal papilla, indicating generative cells do not reside solely at the base of the follicle.

Oliver (1966): This paper shows histological data on rat whisker regeneration.

Oliver (1966): A paper discussing regeneration of rat whisker bulbs.

Oliver (1967): This report shows that even implanted lengths of follicle wall can generate a full hair structure in rat whiskers.

Saitoh (1970): Detailed account of hair growth cycle in 3 Japanese men. A well-designed study, but a small sample size.

Cavanagh (1978): Thallium salt was observed to inhibit follicle generation in mice.

Headington (1984): A discussion of transverse scalp section anatomy and its uses.

Kvedar (1985): An overview of hirsutism.

Seago (1985): Studied hair growth cycle on the thigh and arm of 11 females and 9 males.

Cotsarelis (1990): Challenged the theory that only the hair root needed to be destroyed by observing generative cells in a bulge region halfway up the follicle.

Paus (1990): Mouse skin was observed to have a growth inhibitor present in telogen phase.

Sun (1991): A discussion of transverse scalp section lab processing.

Reynolds (1991): An overview on hair follicle cells and their ability to be transplantable.

Whiting (1993): Horizontal scalp sections as a predictor of male pattern baldness.

Winkler (1993): Observes correlation between hormone levels and body hair growth in Namibian men.

Reynolds (1994): Discusses the highly flexible nature of follicle cells, which can possibly develop into many types of cells.

Tosi (1994): Discusses drug-induced hair growth.

Philpott (1994): Outlines a method for in vitro hair follicle growth study.

Itami (1995): Suggests that an insulin-like growth factor is a candidate for androgen induced hair growth in cultured beard growth cells.

Lavker (1995): An overview of theories regarding hair follicle stem cells, the cells responsible for hair generation.

Kim (1995): Observed that human hair follicles can regenerate even the root removed.

Frishberg (1996): A discussion of transverse scalp section lab processing.

Jahoda (1996): Looks at various types of follicle cells that have been observed to generate hair.

Jahoda (1996): Following Oliver 1966, this reports on successful transplant of upper human hair follicles into mice, which then regenerated into full hair structures.

Dumesic (1997): Estimates that glucose intolerance rate is 1.7% abased on 652 women requesting electrolysis before age 50.

Reynolds (1999): A report on trans-gender induction of follicles