Permanex (no longer in business)


Permanex sold a "transdermal electrolysis" device that used an electrified cotton swab to remove hair. After ripping off a lot of people, they quietly folded their tent and disappeared.

Contact information: (no longer in business)

Address: 1072 Hamilton St. #410, Vancouver, BC V6B 2R9 CA
Phone: (888) 973-7626 [(888) 9-PERMANENT]
website: [Redirecting to]

Other phone numbers: (no longer in business)

(604) 618-6420 (British Columbia area code) website administrative/billing contact
(310) 823-5052 outside the U.S.A. (Los Angeles area code)

Quotations from their sales site:

$229.95 + $16.95 shipping and handling (In U.S.A.).

“Permanex Permanent Hair Removal System Introduces A Major Breakthrough In Permanent Hair Removal: Permanex Q-Tip Applicator permanent hair removal system”

“Finally, Permanex brings you permanent hair removal – without the pain of the needle!”

“Permanex introduces a major breakthrough in permanent hair removal! Permanex has replaced the painful electrolysis needle with a soft, comfortable Q-Tip Applicator that treats all types of unwanted hair above the skin – and even some below!”

“Unlike the needle which treats hairs one by one, Permanex treats many hairs at the same time. Permanex Industries, Inc. takes great pride in bringing this completely innovative, high-quality, no-needle method of permanent hair removal to you, complete with detailed instruction manual for use right in the comfort and privacy of your own home!”

"Permanex, permanent hair removal has never been easier or more effective!"