Verdich, 1984 (electric tweezer clinical data)

Verdich, 1984

Title: A critical evaluation of a method for treatment of facial hypertrichosis in women.

Author: Verdich J

Journal: Dermatologica 1984;168(2):87-9

PMID: 6698269, UI: 84132864

An electroepilation apparatus (Depilatron) equipped with a metal tweezer was studied with reference to possible permanent removal of facial hair in women with hypertrichosis. 8 women were epilated on a fixed area of 1 cm2 and counts of the epilated hairs were done. 5-7 months later, the same area was epilated and the terminal hairs counted. No significant difference in the hair counts was found on the two epilations. The method must be considered inapplicable for permanent removal of superfluous hair.