LaserTec Diode Laser (WARNING!)


LaserTec is a brand of low-powered "continuous wave laser" sold by Global Electrolysis Supply, a disreputable company selling hair removal products on the net and through catalogs.

As with all Global Electrolysis Supply products, LaserTec should be avoided by all consumers for hair removal.

Available devices:

LaserTec D.M. 300: "only" $1,300.00
LaserTec D.M.1000 "only" $2,000.00


From Global’s own disclaimer:

Important notes regarding Laser Safety and CDRH Classifications: Diode Laser Modules and Power Systems (LaserTec D.M. 1000, Simed s.r.l., and Actus 15 systems) are sold solely as unspecified components for O.E.M. use. The modules do not include safety shutter or other features required for a certified laser system. Therefore, these units do not meet CDRH safety requirements and are not CDRH listed or certified. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to meet applicable federal regulations contained in Title 21 CFR parts 1000 and 1040.10 chapter 1, subchapter Radiological Health. Although these systems are linked directly to information regarding laser hair removal. they are not specified as medical lasers. Should the customer use one of these systems for hair removal, it is done at their own risk. Physicians in the US must submit an investigational device exemption to the Center for Devices and Radiological Health Department prior to use on human subjects.

Quack claims

Here are some violative claims about LaserTec DM300 and LaserTec DM1000:

"This is an outstanding laser system for hair removal procedures."

"This is the most complete and affordable laser hair removal setup available anywhere and is the perfect laser Epilation equipment package for the small salon or home use customer."