Trend Manufacturing

Trend Manufacturing Corporation

Trend Manufacturing is a company based in Largo, Florida. They were listed by Rejuvenu owner Lee Cole as a distributor for the Super-Phaser Gold, a transcutaneous patch hair removal system made by Rejuvenu International Limited (formerly International Hair Removal Systems).

Trend Manufacturing claims they never purchased or sold Rejuvenu transcutaneous hair removal scams. This claim was suggested by Rejuvenu without the manufacturer’s input and should in no way reflect on Trend or its employees.

I received the following on 13 May 2003 from Richard Heaton regarding their relationship with Rejuvenu:

Trend Manufacturing is not a distributor for this company and I have now contacted them and asked them to remove us from their list. Trend Manufacturing has never purchased or sold equipment from this company.

Trend does not sell hair-removal equipment. We are a Spray Tanning company.

Please remove all references to Trend Manufacturing from your web site immediately.

Apparently Lee Cole used their name to make it look as if Rejuvenu had more people selling devices than they do. It’s a shame that people like Lee Cole feel entitled to damage the reputation of legitimate companies by associating them with him in this manner.

I was forwarded the following correspondence on 15 August 2003:

Sent by Trend Manufacturing

Dear Lee,

There seems to be some confusion regarding Trend Mfg. Corp distributing the Super Phaser Gold. When Richard Houts was with the company we did do a show together in Orlando. We agreed to represent the machine but did not sell any. You mentioned that we had sold an earlier model. I hope this clears up this matter.

John Houts
Trend Manufacturing / UV Free
(727) 584-2108 / (800) 542-0619
Web Site:

Response by Lee Cole

Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 12:54 PM
Subject: Re: Distribution

Dear John,

This does not clear up anything. Your instructor, Pam, did sell a hair removing machine for you and was trained by Randy Russell when she delivered Trend equipment to Shirley Tarlington in Southern Pines. You also had a Super Phaser Gold for over a year to be able to sell for me. Susan also traveled with John Evans for a week to sell the Super Phaser. When we did the Orlando show, our machine was represented by your company again. The prices we agreed on for you were the distributor prices. It matters not that you didnt sell a Super Phaser, you were still selling for me. You have been listed as a distributor for us since 1997.

Your person communicating with Andrea James did not have all the facts straight and we would appreciate another communicatio be made to Ms. James confirming that fact with a copy sent to us.

Lee Cole

Any questions about this use of Trend’s name may be verified by writing to:

Thank you to Trend Manufacturing for bringing this unauthorized use of their name and reputation to my attention, and hairfacts wishes them the best with their business.