Adrian 1999 (diode laser- unpublished)

Adrian, 1999

Title: LightSheer 800 NM Pulsed, High Power Diode Laser Hair Removal System

Author: Adrian RM

Journal: Unpublished clinical report

PubMed ID: none FULL TEXT

Affiliated institution: Georgetown University Medical School, Center for Laser Surgery, Washington DC


125 patients treated on a variety of anatomic sites.

# of treatments approx. # of patients
one 13
two 25
three 87

Short term results: 112 patients averaged 60% reduction following two treatments.

Long term results: 25 patients averaged 60% reduction 6 months after final treatment. No mention of the other 80% of patients.

Thewater cooled sapphire ChillTip allowed for higher fluences than some ruby and alexandrite devices.

Notable quotations:

"Unfortunately, clinical studies regarding safety and efficacy of these procedures have lagged behind the actual widespread use of this modality throughout the world. Traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, plucking, waxing, and electrolysis are associated with clinical limitations and side effects; thus the introduction of laser hair removal has been embraced by the public despite relatively little data regarding clinical safety and long term efficacy."

"Fair skin type dark haired subjects experienced excellent results; however, even skin type V patients could be treated safely."

"Long term followup in 25 patients showed greater than 60% clearance at 6 months after treatment."

"Based on our clinical and histologic data and experience using ruby and alexandrite laser systems, it appears that the Lightsheer diode laser system at 800 nm is quite effective when compared to other lasers in current clinical use. In addition, the availability of contact cooling allows the delivery of higher fluences in darker skin type individuals."