Kilmer 1997 (laser tattoo removal)

Kilmer 1997

Title: Laser treatment of tattoos.

Author: Kilmer SL

Journal: Dermatol Clin 1997 Jul;15(3):409-17

PMID: 9189678, UI: 97333518

Affiliated institution: Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Northern California, USA.

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All three Q-switched laser systems can effectively remove most tattoos with minimal scarring or other adverse sequelae. Despite advances in laser technology, all tattoos cannot be completely eliminated, and several wavelengths remain necessary to optimally treat multicolored tattoos. The major advantage of Q-switched laser irradiation to effect tattoo removal is the low risk of scarring associated with treatment. Limitations include the need for multiple treatment sessions, minimal to incomplete responses in some cases, and the possibility of pigmentary and textural changes. Research continues in an effort to perfect laser removal of tattoos.