Wagner, 1985 (electrolysis)

Wagner, 1985

Publication data

  • Title: Electrolysis and thermolysis for permanent hair removal.

  • Authors: Wagner RF Jr, Tomich JM, Grande DJ

  • Journal: J Am Acad Dermatol 1985 Mar;12(3):441-9

  • PMID: 3989007, UI: 85183241

This paper broke a long silence in major medical journals about electrolysis.

The historical, legal, and theoretical aspects and clinical techniques of both electrolysis and thermolysis are critically reviewed. The pitfalls of electronic tweezers and the dangers of self-electrolysis are discussed. Complications of electrolysis and thermolysis and the pathophysiology of hair regrowth are presented. In the United States, the lack of uniform training requirements and standards for electrologists may pose an unrecognized risk to public health. It is suggested that more responsible state legislation be enacted in order to decrease the present potential threat to the public health and safety.