Chin hair removal

OK, most women don’t talk about this, but we all tend to get hair on our chins. Some of us get a few wispy ones that we feel once in a while, or we spot one in the mirror now and then. Some of us get pretty coarse and dark hairs that require a lot more maintenance, sometimes every day.

Most women just pluck, trim, or bleach them, but this can get to be a real chore if there are a lot of them. If your chin hair is dark in color, it can sometimes cause a light shadow below the skin on your chin and upper lip, especially if you shave or use depilatories. These methods only treat the part of the hair above the skin, leaving the part below in place.

As far as permanent options, chin hairs are notoriously hard to kill. Some women do electrolysis (I did), but a growing number of women are turning to laser hair removal as an option.

Laser hair removal can be a great option if you have light colored skin and dark hair. Laser can also make the hairs finer and lighter in color after a few treatments. This can make a major cosmetic difference in a hurry.

For best results, you are going to want to find a practitioner with a lot of experience. The laser needs to be set just right, especially if the hairs are coarse. Skin on the chin and around the mouth is delicate, and overtreatment is possible if the practitioner is inexperienced.

Another very important consideration is to avoid sun on the treated areas before and after treatment.

I recommend getting a test patch done before committing to treatment on your face. That way you can see how your skin reacts on a place that isn’t as visible as your face. If the test patch goes well, be sure to avoid sun before and after treatment to minimize the chance of color change.

If you take these simple steps and find the best practitioner in your area, you can stop spending all that time plucking in front of the mirror!

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