Folica (WARNING!)

Folica sold hair, skin, and nail products online and through a catalog. Their products and customer service are generally considered good, although they get a HairFacts warning notice for selling several hair removal devices and products that consumers should avoid.

Several hair removal products sold by Folica should be avoided by consumers.

This is a shame, too, since Folica seems to be an otherwise reputable company with many excellent hair removal products at competitive prices.

Contact information

Address: 2553 US Highway 130 Cranbury, NJ 08512
Phone: 888-919-4247 (orders)
Phone: 609-860-8432 (customer service)
Fax: 609-860-8432

Products from Folica to avoid

Folica has featured electric tweezers and hair inhibitors in their catalog or on their website. These products do not have enough published clinical data available to substantiate their claims.

Electric tweezers

Ultra Forever FreeÂź Hair Removal System

“any hair that regrows will be finer and lighter and can be permnently [sic] removed after just a few treatments.

“remove unwanted hair at home painlessly and pemanently [sic]”

“destroy the hair at the root.”

Epilady¼ TweezEpilℱ Electrolysis Tweezer

Quack claim: “destroys the hair root through the transmission of radio waves.”

VectorÂź Hair Removal System

Quack claims: “PERMANENT results,” and “produces the same results as a professional electrolysis machines used in hair removal studios!”

Emjoi Beauty Forever Hair Removal Device

Quack claims: “non-invasive alternative to electrolysis” that “painlessly and permanently removes unwanted hair.”

Hair inhibitors

All products in this category should be avoided. There have been no published clinical studies that demonstrate these topical products can affect the rate of hair growth.

For details, please see my section on hair inhibitors.

Acceptable products

Folica has a very good selection of other products, including rotary epilators, waxing and sugaring products, shavers and trimmers… it’s a shame they have decided to sell a handful of scam products.

I have contacted them about this matter and will put up their response if I receive one.