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  • Address: 3052 Orchard Drive San Jose, CA 95134
  • Telephone: 800-356-7600 or 408-943-0636
  • Fax: 408-428-0512
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nasdaq LSCP

Available devices

Lyra XP

  • Extended Duration Pulse (EDP) allows the user to vary the laser pulse duration from 10 msec to 50 msec.
  • By varying pulse duration, fluence and utilizing cooling one can achieve outstanding and safe results in tanned patients.
  • contact cooling method
  • up to 1 sq. cm. per second
  • SmartScan Plus™ handpiece.
  • Used for Pseudo-folliculitis Barbae (Shaving Bumps) and Folliculitis
  • FDA cleared for laser hair removal for all skin types.
Device name FDA 510(k) Cleared