Lucy Peters International, Inc.

Lucy Peters is a New York based electrolysis practitioner and epilator manufacturer. Peters’ proprietary Integrated System is a flash thermolysis device used in conjunction with flexible, insulated, bulbous-tipped probes. Several locations are connected to the brand.

This company has provided satisfactory results for many consumers, though they are known for overpromise in their marketing materials.  Their claim that their proprietary LP System, also called the Integrated System and Smooth Systemℱ  is “the Only FDA Approved Permanent Hair Removal Treatment Process” is inaccurate. The Food and Drug Administration does not approve medical devices. They clear devices for use, and Lucy Peters obtained FDA clearance as being substantially equivalent to similar devices that had been previously cleared.


Lucy Peters International, Ltd. was founded in 1970. Via their site (

[This system] was developed by Ms. Peters beginning in the late 1950’s following her own discouraging experience with conventional electrolysis. Lucy Peters was embarrassed by her appearance due to significant amounts of facial and body hair, and after several failed outcomes with treatment, she invested a decade of her life to elevating the electrolysis process into an exact therapeutic science.

Ms. Peters trained in electrolysis, partnered with world–renowned dermatologist Dr. Albert Kligman for medical research, engineering, and clinical human trials.

Albert M. Kligman (1916–2010) co-authored a paper with Peters:

“Histologic Changes of Human Hair Follicles After Electrolysis: A Comparison of Two Methods.” Albert M. Kligman, M.D., Ph.D., Lucy Peters, Cutis, August, 1984, pp. 169-176.

Contact information

  • Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center
  • 150 East 58th Street, 29th floor,  New York, NY 10155
  • 212-486-9740
  • (practitioner site)
  • (manufacturer site)

Provider websites

  •  Altman Aesthetic Center Englewood Cliffs NJ
  • (Aura Laser and Skin Care, Whitestone NY)
  • (A&B Electrology, Addison TX)
  • (Brentwood Dermatology, Brentwood TN)
  • (Spa Therapy Spa, Houston TX)
  • (Wyld Chyld Tattoo, Merrick NY)

Available devices

LPS 33

FDA 501(k) clearances


  • Decision 04/29/1982: Substantially Equivalent (SESE)


  • Decision 01/12/1995: Substantially Equivalent (SESE)
  • L.P. SYSTEMS CORP. 87-14 116th St. Richmond Hill, NY  11418


LPS 33 epilator and probeholder

  • Harry Edwards Betsill, Michael Joseph Kovacevich

Control system for an epilation procedure

  • Harry Edwards Betsill, Michael Joseph Kovacevich