Schroeter, 1999 (flash lamp clinical data)

Schroeter, 1999

Title: Hair removal in 40 hirsute women with an intense laser-like light source.

Authors: Schroeter CA, Raulin C, Thurlimann W, Reineke T, De Potter C, Neumann HA

Journal: Eur J Dermatol 1999 Jul-Aug;9(5):374-9

PMID: 10417441, UI: 99348619

Affiliated institution: Department of Lasertherapy, Medical Centre Maastricht, Becanusstraat 17, 6216 BX Maastricht, The Netherlands.

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Until recently, previously applied methods to remove hair have ultimately proven ineffective or resulted in the formation of scars and small wounds. Different methods for removing hair in a more or less permanent way have been used: electrolysis, thermolysis and the blend method. In this study we describe the removal of hair without side-effects by means of non-laser incoherent emitted light, produced by the ILS flashlamp. In a multicenter study we treated 40 women with a median age of 38.6 years with hirsute hair growth of different hair colours on the upper lip and chin. In general 76.7% of the hair was removed within 6 treatments, with an average fluence of 38.7 J/cm2 and a mean wavelength of 585 nm per patient. A correlation was found between the percentage reduction of hairs and the number of treatments and between hair removal and needle epilation before treatment. Furthermore, a correlation was seen between hair reduction and wavelengths of 570 nm and 550 nm. No association was found between hair removal and clinical data of the patients, nor between hair reduction and technical data of the device. This study presents a new alternative for hair removal.