Better Lase Products (WARNING!)

Note: this company appears to be out of business. The information below is an archive.

The newest dubious product from the scam artist(s) who brought you Kitty’s Consumer Beware! and Guaranty Hair Removal (GHR) comes Better Lase Products, also known as A Better Way.

On 17 March 2001, these purveyors of scams and misinformation put out a press release heralding a new product called Better Lase. They claim using this topical preparation on the arms “improves the effectiveness of laser hair removal by more than 33%.”

Given that there is no published proof of this claim and given the disreputable business practices of the key players, I would urge all consumers to avoid Better Lase until there is published clinical data to back their claims.

Contact information

  • Address: 472 East 7th Street, #2L, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Telephone: (800) 336-6499 (214) 350-4471
  • Fax:
  • website: (not up as of 12 June 2001)
  • email:

Additional contact information

  • Address: KaleidoGrafix, P.O. Box 452033, Garland, TX 75045
  • Phone/Fax: 800-757-2098
  • Email (Cathy A. Baker)
  • Marissa Lee Copeland: (718) 788-1659 472 East 7th Street, #2L, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Names associated with this product

Judith Stephens: Owner of Stephens Manufacturing.

Evan Devon/Evan Denoff, M.D., Ph.D.: Listed as the person who formulated this product. The American Medical Association does not have a listing for a physician by either name.

Marissa Lee: Name listed as “clinic director” and as administrative contact for See Marissa Copeland.

Marissa Copeland: Assumed name used by Judith Stephens. Listed as name of resident at Better Lase Products address.

Cathey A. Baker: Listed as the technical contact and owner of Kaleidografix

Katherine Cook: Assumed name used by person at Kaleidografix running Kitty’s Consumer Beware