IGIA Direct/Tactica (WARNING!)

IGIA Direct/Tactica

In the 1990s, this New York based company inundated the U.S. with their electric tweezer scam. Their misleading infomercials and hard-sell direct response ads touting "painless and permanent" hair removal were selling as many as 2 million units a year and cost U.S. consumers hundreds of millions of dollars.

The original IGIA Gold tweezer used high-frequency AC energy, where the modified Touch & Go version uses direct current, either with the original tweezers or using two different-sized silicone pads and an adhesive gel. The newer Touch & Go "breakthrough, permanent hair removal system" is merely another scam by a parasite preying on consumers.

In 2001, IGIA rolled out another model called Forever Gone Plus, this time with three pads. Although advertised as painless and permanent, these devices have not been demonstrated to cause permanent removal of hair in published clinical studies.

Contact information

  • Tactica International, Inc., a Nevadacorporation 
  • 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 7418 New York, NY 10118
  • (PH) 212-967-6917 
  • (FAX) 212-967-6917

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Early igia.net registration records listed dammann@earthlink.net as Avi Sivan’s email. The submitted information was not correct. On 1 February 2002, I received the following letter from Dieter Amann at Fulfillment Express:

For some reason you have my email address attached to the name of Avi Sivan. The connection I had with Mr. Sivan is that I registered a domain name igia.net for him and uses my email address. The domain was then turned over to Mr. Sivan. This was several years ago. Please remove my email from the list!


Available devices

Epilator name FDA 510(k) Cleared
IGIA Gold K970338 07/01/97
IGIA Forever Gone Plus
IGIA Touch & Go Hair Removal System



1. IGIA also manufactures:

  • Epil-Stop topical solution scam
  • IGIA Epielle™ rotary epilator
  • IGIA Microsonic™ Wet/Dry Trimmer
  • IGIATouch & Go Hair Removal System™

2. Other contact addresses:

  • From infomercial: 1173 2nd Avenue, Ste 288, New York, NY 10021

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