A.R. Hinkel Co.

In 1948, Arthur “Art” Hinkel, the developer of Blend electrolysis co-founded the company that would later bear his name. The assets from the company have since been transferred to RA Fischer.

Former contact information

  • Address: 18121-C Parthenia Street Northridge, CA 91325
  • Phone: 818-775-2942 (orders) 800-982-1600
  • Fax: 818-775-2941
  • website: http://www.arhinkel.com/
  • email: bschuler@arhinkel.com

Available devices

Epilator name FDA 510(k) Cleared G B T FT MNG
Electro-Blend Classic * * X X X
Electro Blend UC-2 * * X X X
Electro Blend UC-3+ K904015 10/04/90 X X X X

* available prior to 1976 — did not need to file with FDA

Key to features:

  • G = Galvanic
  • B = Blend
  • T = Thermolysis
  • FT = Flash Thermolysis
  • MNG = Multiple-Needle Galvanic


Founder Arthur Hinkel co-authored the classic text Electrolysis, Thermolysis and the Blend (Arthur Hinkel and Richard Lind, Arroway Publishers, Los Angeles, 1968, ISBN 0-9600284-1-2)

The 312-page illustrated book is also available in Spanish.