No Needle Electrolysis (WARNING!)

No Needle Electrolysis, Inc.

No Needle Electrolysis is a Georgia-based sales site that distributes "transdermal electrolysis" devices made by American Hair Removal Systems (AHRS). They are also listed as a distributor by a new version of AHRS called International Hair Removal Systems (IHRS).

No Needle Electrolysis should be avoided by all consumers.

The American Hair Removal System (AHRS) devices sold on the No Needle site should be avoided.

The Pro-Med 2000 device sold on this site should also be avoided.

The SuperPhaser Gold made by International Hair Removal Systems and distribted by No Needle should also be avoided.

Claims that transdermal or transcutaneous probe or patch methods are permanent is a violation of federal regulations.

Contact information:

Address: 702 Willow Creek Dr.
Phone: (800) 245-4959 478-745-1980
Fax: 478-474-2235

Names linked with this site:

"Grace Johnson" is listed as billing contact email:

Address: 702 Willow Creek Drive, Macon, GA 31204-1260

2012 Riverside Drive ~ Macon GA, 31204 (912) 745-1980 (912) 474-2235 (old area codes)

Raymond Smith  (RS22601) raymond@PCIHOST.COM

PCI, Inc., 1110 Russell Pkwy Warner Robins , GA 31088
912-329-0609 (FAX) 912-329-8392

Available products

This is very telling: the No Needle Electrolysis Product Page ( says "No license is required."

Pro-Med 2000

"Designed for in-home personal use. Self applied treatments. Totally automatic. Offers up to 1,000 microamps of power"


"For moderate professional use or for multiple family/friends use in the home. Produces 2,000 microamps"


"For heavy professional use in salons, spas, etc. Dispels 2,500 microamps of power"


"All the capabilities of the TE-629. Built to pass the new European standards. Easily converted to 220 volts"

NNE School (

Besides selling devices for home use, scams like this make a lot of money by convincing beauticians and others to use these in their salons. The sales pitch is all about the money they can make. No Needle Electrolysis describes their NNE School, which is not about learning how to use the device, but how to make money.

"Consider offering someone a way of removing hair permanently without the pain of a needle. No Needle Electrolysis provides just that. Now, consider your possible income while offering this type of hair removal!"

WHO can profit from the NNE School

Entrepreneurs anxious to learn how to make $100,000 or more through Electrology!
Individuals who would like to learn a proven way to earn money from their homes or small business!
Anyone who has any doubts about their income, job security, or retirement!
Existing business owners who desire to expand sales and profits.
YOU !…if you dont want to later say "IF only I had….!

WHY will you profit from the NNE School?

Historically those who establish themselves in a ground floor situation have the greatest opportunity to achieve real wealth!
Electrolysis offers the greatest money making oportunity for individuals and small business – EVER, in our lifetime!
Potential market unlimited – 90% of our population opt to have electrolys treatment when there is no pain involved.
With the ability to virtually recover your business investment within 2 to 3 months.
High profit returns – Low overhead.
No Needle Electrolysis is the safest and fastest Permanent hair removal available today. – FDA cleared! – System patented.
Lifetime job security!

WHAT will you learn at the NNE School

What is Electrolysis and how to become qualified and turn Electrolysis into an incredible income!
Where and how to find your market.
Getting started with your own personal business.

By now you can clearly see that the potential income in No Needle Electrolysis is UNLIMITED!! Our training seminars are given by CERTIFIED NNE technicians, and the knowledge you will gain is well worth the cost of the school! Classes are offered at many locations and dates to suite your needs. You can also be a part of bringing a seminar to your location. Contacting us is free, but the information you will receive is priceless!

"No Infections/No Scabs/No Scars/No Hair"

Connection to other bogus hair removal sites

This site is linked to American Hair Removal Systems (AHRS), which has changed its name to International Hair Removal Systems (IHRS). The following sales pitch is typical of "transdermal electrolysis" scams:

"A major breakthrough in painless permanent hair removal! Transdermal utilizes a simple cotton Q-tip to terminate the regrowth potential as effectively as needle electrolysis. This patented procedure is being hailed worldwide by professionals as the safest and most effective permanent hair removal system ever developed."

Notable quack comments

No Needle Electrolysis describes the Business Opportunities for untrained beauticians and others.

Thank you for your interest in our No Needle Electrolysis Systems. Today we trained more new customers to use our TE and TD Galvanic Transdermal & Tweezer Electrolysis. Had you been one of them you’d be on your way to putting an awful lot of money in the bank.

Think of it this way; Most likely the going rate for electrolysis in your area is between $40 and $60 per hour. So booking only 20 hours a week at say $45 per hour will earn you an additional $900.On that bases, eight weeks from now you would have pulled in $7,200 or more.

I know you’ve heard this old story – another tweezer Epiliator? And after thousands of people spent millions on those things and have nothing to show for it but bigger electric bills and damaged reputations. Painless? Sure. Permanent? Not even close.

The Federal Trade Commission’s final decision in the Removatron International Case says that it is illegal to advertise the Radio Frequency tweezer epilator as anything but temporary hair removal.

You’re right. The old tweezer systems were a total flop. But the way people lined up for service proved the market potential for a painless permanent hair removal method that works is unbelievably big – Gigantic and Enormous are better words.

Now all that money is still waiting out there for you because the FTC ruling applies only to obsolete tweezer systems that use Radio Frequency (RF) current.

Instead of using insufficient RF current, our TE and TD Electrolysis Machines operate on galvanic current.

But that’s nothing new either. For more than 120 years electrologists have used NEEDLES to conduct galvanic current down into follicles to create sodium hydroxide (otherwise know under the less fancy name of lye).

Sodium Hydroxide is so powerful that it can decompose the papilla and the generative cells in the follicle. That’s the whole point of permanent hair removal. When structures are destroyed, the treated follicle cannot produce another hair again. Ever!

However, these days people are awfully afraid of that needle, and not just because of the pain. Scarring, scabbing and the risk of infection scares plenty of clients away too. To make matters worse, when the electrologist misses the papilla, the hair regrows and whole process has to be repeated.

What makes the TE and TD concept unique and truly new is that it uses the hair as a "pole" – directing a small amount of galvanic current down to create Sodium Hydroxide just the way needle system do.

The patented and fully FDA registered TE629 was introduced in 1989 and is backed by a seven year warranty. The TRANSDERMAL ELECTRONIC DEVICE (TD) was introduced in April 1995, meaning instead of treating one follicle (needle method) or three of four follicles (tweezer method), we are treating the follicles with a hair in them, even if they are not at the surface of the skin. With the introduction of this device we eliminated technician errors and we eliminate unwanted hair permanently faster than any electrolysis system known today. It’s a "ONE OF A KIND", wouldn’t you say?

According to standards published in 1978 by the International Guild of Professional Electrologists, a method of destroying 40% of all hair in the first treatment cycle is considered to doing permanent hair removal Our TE and TD systems destroy 85% and more in the first cycle — No Contest!

Remember, you are investing in a patented and fully FDA registered Transdermal Electrolysis System that can be and should be advertised as giving permanent results.

You don’t need to be an Electrolygist to use the TE and TD systems, but some states require you have a cosmetologist or Aesthetician license. Most states do not.

Opportunity is knocking at your door — Don’t let it pass you by! The need is there and it is easy to find clients. Will you supply the cure?? Call me today and find out how you can make more DOLLARS with your precious service time.