Laser/Light types

Laser/Light types

It’s important to know the type of laser/light device you’re researching, since each type has different results, as well as different medical benefits and drawbacks. If you know your type of laser, click the link below:

Overview of laser medical data

Some physicians use other laser/light brands for hair removal, even though they are not marketed specifically for that purpose. This is called off-label use. If you don’t see the name of the device you’re researching here, find out its type from the practitioner and review the medical literature under that laser/light device type.

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Lasers alphabetically by manufacturer

Lasers alphabetically by model



Laser type

Model ( Manufacturer)

Laser/light by type


D’Plume ( Carol Block)
Photoepilator ( Omicron)
ThermaLight ( Jennifer Maxx)

Flash lamp

DeLight ( Radiancy)
EpiLight ( ESC)
EsteLux ( Palomar)
IPL Quantum HR ( ESC)
MultiLight – PhotoDerm ( ESC)
PhotoDerm ( ESC)
SpaTouch ( Radiancy)
VascuLight Plus – PhotoDerm ( ESC)*

Nd:YAG laser

Athos ( Cosmos)
CoolGlide ( Altus)
Depilase ( Depilase)
Lyra ( Laserscope)
Lorad ( Focus Medical)
MedLite ( Contiuum)
SoftLight ( ThermoLase)
VascuLight Plus – PhotoDerm ( ESC)*

Argon laser

Lasetron (Lasetron)

Alexandrite laser

Apogee [6200 & 9300] ( Cynosure)
EpiTouch Alex ( ESC) ***
GentleLASE ( Candela)
LaseAway ( Silver Creek Medical) **
PhotoGenica LPIR (Cynosure)
SmoothLASE ( Leisegang)

Ruby laser

Chromos 694 ( Mehl/Biophile)
E2000 ( Palomar)
EpiLaser ( Palomar)
EpiPulse ( ESC)
EpiTouch Ruby ( ESC) ***
LaseAway ( Polytec PI/Lambda) **
MLT R694 ( MLT Int’l.)
RubyStar (Asclepion-Meditec)

Diode laser

Apex 800 ( IRIDEX)
Depilase ( Depilase)
EpiStar ( Nidek)
LightSheer [SC, EC, XC, SP & EP]( Coherent Star)
MeDioStar ( Asclepion-Meditec)
SLP 1000 ( Palomar)
StarLight ( Coherent Star)