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The no!no! device.

no!no! is a depilation device designed for hair removal at home. It is manufactured by Radiancy.

It is basically friction device that also supposedly incorporates low-power light-based hair removal. They claim this energy “crystalizes” the upper part of a hair, which is then buffed away. This is supposed to leave the skin’s surface smooth, but does not remove the whole hair. From their website:

“Remember no!no! is a treatment process for hair reduction and not a miracle cure for unwanted hair. It takes time and patience to reach professional goals.”

The also claim “the Hot Blade is one of the key components in Thermicon technology.” This “hot blade” is the source for the energy. There are two types of Hot Blades, one for long hair (for hair over 1mm in length) and one for stubble (for hair under 1mm). Hot Blades are designed to last approximately one month (2 – 3 hours of treatment time).

Claimed results

The advertisements claim the device gives “what most women consider acceptable surface removal results.”


  • Feldman, Batya (September 26, 2005). Radiancy signs deal with Mexico’s NW Universe. (The Israeli cosmetic medicine technology company will sell 200,000 hair-removal devices in Mexican supermarkets over the next two years.)

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