Touch of Excellence, Body, Hair & Skin Care: Renton, WA

Touch of Excellence, Body, Hair & Skin Care: Renton, WA


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Southcenter Electrolysis
Linda G Cowin
596 Industry Drive, Suite 200
Tukwila, WA 98188
Phone: 206-459-7598
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With over 40 years of combined experience and education, it is our goal to provide complete satisfaction to each of our guests.

We also have a higher goal, and that is to give to those who walk through our door a memorable experience saturated with care. It is caring for the human being we see and touch as we care for their hair, their skin, their aching muscles, their feet, their hands. And in doing so, we care about the life, goals, style, and concerns that our guests bring into this place away from it all.

We also care about continuing education bringing us to new levels of expertise, results and exclusivity of the products we use and stand behind, and what happens after our guest goes home, all boiling down to excellence in quality service, during the visit and afterwards.


We offer both full and express Body, Hair & Skin Care services for those who choose to make time to place themselves in the care of professionals with stress-relieving wellness and grooming treatments. With today’s complicated lifestyles and pressing schedules, we are here for you during your time with us.

In saying all this, we want to be your self-care retreat where we have the opportunity to care for the things you care about. We can give you a place to relax in, to be in no hurry in, a place to have fun, to rest and be renewed. We are at your service. And as a family-owned and operated boutique, we invite you to become a part of our growing family.

Come, let us care for what you care about.



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