SpaTech (WARNING!)

SpaTech National Distributors

SpaTech National Distributors is a company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They have been listed as a distributor for the Super-Phaser Gold by the manufacturer. Super Phaser Gold is a transcutaneous patch hair removal system made by Rejuvenu International Limited (formerly International Hair Removal Systems).

SpaTech National Distributors and treatment with the Super-Phaser Gold should be avoided by all consumers. There is no published data showing these devices can remove hair permanently.

Claiming that this device can achieve permanent hair removal is a violation of U.S. regulations.

Contact information:

Address: 1200 8th St. E Saskatoon, SK S7H0S6 Canada
Address: SpaTech National Distributors Inc. 119 Avenue F North
Phone: 306-249-6678

Names associated with this company

Jocelyn Campbell


Listed as a distributor in 2002 on the following pages (see screen shot below):

On 2 December 2004, I received the following message

This is Jocelyn Campbell from Spatech National Distributors in Canada. I was just on Google and saw that you have our name on there as a distributor of the Super Phaser Gold. We are not distributors of the Super Phaser Gold, Spatech National Distributors in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, we are not distributors of this unit. We brought them in in 2002 for a client that was buying these machines and needed a company to import them for them. We do not promote advertise or anything otherwise for these machines. I would like this taken off of your website. You can do research and find this out for yourself that we are not distributing this equipment, and if not we will have to take further legal action.