Abdel-Gawad, 1997 – threading (khite/fatlah)

Abdel-Gawad, 1997

Title: Khite: a non-Western technique for temporary hair removal.

Authors: Abdel-Gawad MM, Abdel-Hamid IA, Wagner RF Jr

Journal: Int J Dermatol 1997 Mar;36(3):217

Affiliated institution: Department of Dermatology, University of Mansoura, Egypt.

PMID: 9159010, UI: 97302763

BACKGROUND: Khite (also known as fatlah in Egypt) is a manual technique of temporary vellus hair removal that is widely performed in the Middle East.

METHODS: The technique of khite is reviewed as illustrated.

RESULTS: Khite is an effective method of removing unwanted vellus hairs.

CONCLUSIONS: Dermatologists in all parts of the world should be familiar with khite, because the ease of international travel may bring patients to their attention who have khite-association complications such as erythema, folliculitis, and secondary pigmentary changes.