Epitron Electric Tweezers (WARNING!)

Epitron electric tweezers

Epitron is a brand of electric tweezer device sold by Global Electrolysis Supply, a disreputable company selling hair removal products on the net and through catalogs.

As with all Global Electrolysis Supply products, Epitron should be avoided by all consumers.

Available devices:

Epitron PR35
Epitron PR85
Epitron PR65
Epitron 85M

Not permanent

Published clinical data indicate these devices cannot achieve permanent hair removal. For more, please see my summary of electric tweezer medical literature.

In 1998 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Final Rule that "there is no statistically significant scientific data available at this time to support promotional claims of permanent or long-term removal of hair through use of the device."

Quack claims

They claim that "short-wave probeless epilation" is permanent.

“Can substantially improve the reliability of results achieved by laser hair removal treatments.”

They claim AC electric tweezers like Epitron are capable of “doubling the efficacy” of laser hair removal treatment.

“Thermolysis based systems, including Laser and rF probeless epilation, have been frequently published in dermatology journals as a superior combination.”