TMI? Newscaster talks hair removal trends

Richard Connelly at the Houston Press has some snark for a 2008 blog post by NBC newscaster Jane McGarry, which reads in part:

With summer around the corner, the subject of the bikini wax came up. Do you get one or not? I offered that I have before, but I can’t see the point because you have to let the hair get long enough to wax again, which means, you’ll need to shave! So why wax to begin with?

Before long the bikini wax conversation had turned into a debate about shaving, vs. waxing, vs. laser hair removal….and then, how much hair to remove. Well, that depends on your generation.

Our 5:00 anchor Meredith Land says these days, to younger women like her little sister, good grooming means…a complete wax, if you get what I mean.

Personally, I think it’s no biggie, and hair removal is something almost everyone does in one form or another.

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